Micromax PC suite- Overview and Download

Micromax mobiles is the one of the most popular and growing mobile manufacturer. The PC suite for micromax mobile helps in synchronizing, backing up the data and for using micromax mobiles as modem for PC. Let us have a overview on Micromax PC suite. The PC suite works with most of the Micromax with data transfer capabilities such as Micromax Bling, Micromax Bling2, Micromax A60, Micromax touch and many more.

Micromax PC suite Features

  • You  can connect your phone to PC through bluetooth, WiFi or USB.
  • Syncronize and backup your contacts and messages.
  • Save images and audio file to your PC
  • Connect your PC to Internet using micromax mobile as modem if phone is having the connectivity options.

Micromax PC suite options overview

  • PhoneBook: This option enables you to  manage and edit your phone contacts from your PC.
  • Message: With this option you can compose and send text messages from the PC.
  • Settings: This option is for setup your phone connection with the suite correctly and automatically and also import your outlook and lotus notes phone books.
  • Images: This provides you option to create wallpapers for your phone and transfer images from the PC. This also helpful to transfer images taken from your mobile to PC.
  • Melody: This option allows you to manage your audio files.That is copying and editing files in the phone.
  • MMS: You can create and send multimedia messages from your PC.
  • File Manager: For managing the files in the phone or move the files to phone.

Free Download of Micromax PC Suite

In most of the phones PC suite comes bundled with the phone. However if you dont have one you can download free Micromax PC Suite Free Micromax PC Suite is available in Micromax Downloads Page

PC Suite for Some models are not listed in the above link. So below are the links based user requests.
Micromax X263 PC Suite
Micromax A60 Android phone USB driver is available in Micromax site.

Update: Currently Micromax is not providing the PC suite. Instead it provides only drivers. You can download the drivers of the each devices by visiting the support page. To find the drivers for your device visit micromax official site Here. None of the other official links posted here are not workng as Micromax  has removed it.

Note: Some browsers images are not coming properly. In that case select the model you want to download. Below the model of the phone you will see icons. Take the mouse to images, you will find the meaning of that image in the bottom left corner by URL. Click on PC suite you will find a download option.

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  • jyo

    I opened that link to download pc suite for A60. But in handset select dropdown menu,there is no such option for micromaxA60. So please provide us a direct link. ..

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Kartik, i found the suite which suits my phone

  • Anonymous

    I opened the link to download pc suite for X263,but in handset selection menu, Micromax X263 is not to be found. Please help.

  • The PC Suite for X263 is added in the post.

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    pc suite for micromax x450 plz….

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    pls post the pc suite for andro a60

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    not able to install driver for x263. was able to install the suite. can you help

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    I am not getting PC suite software for my new Micromax X222 would u tell me please How could I

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    The link which u suggested for downloading the PC Suite doesn't contain the option of A60 in the list that appears…. Plz help!!!!!

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    give me pc suite for x271

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    I am searching for model no X288 pc suite

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    A60 PC Suite is not in the list. Please provide the link.

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    PC Suite for X263 is not working … pls help…..

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