How to add a blog in Technorati blog directory

Technorati is a online blog directory with millions of blogs indexed. As you might know, adding a blog to blog directories will help you to increase your blog visitors.  Technorati blog directory has huge viewers with which you can get a decent amount of viewers to your site also it helps you to index your site in search engines quickly. So lets us quickly look into the procedure to add a blog to Technorati.
Step to add a blog to Technorati Blog Directory:
Step 1: Visit Technorati website by Clicking here.
Step 2: Click on “Join”. Fill up the required fields such as your name, email address and website etc.
Step 3: Once Joining is complete, Sign in to Technorati
Step 4:  Go to your Account by clicking on your user name
Step 5: Scroll down a little till you find the details as shown  below. Enter your blog url  in the box and click on “Claim”

Step 6: Fill the details of your blog such as blog description, TAGS etc.
Step 7:  You will get a email with the Claim Token details such as JFF78WKRZHKM. 
Step 8: Add this code in your post and publish it in the blog. You are done with adding your blog to Technorati.

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