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LG PC Suite Free Download Instructions And Features

LG provides three types of PC suites for its mobiles depending on the device model. The available LG PC suite are LG Mobile Support Tool, OSP(On screen phone) and PC sync. Each of these tools are used for different purposes. To Download free LG PC Suite follow the instructions given below. This is a direct download from the official LG Mobile support page.

Instructions to Download Free LG Suite:

1.  Go to LG Mobile support page by Clicking Here.
2. Click on ‘Mobile’ button placed in the mid of the page.
3. A new Pop up menu comes out. You need to select your LG Mobile details in this screen.
4. Category select ‘Mobile Phones’. Select the subcategory of your LG Device. If you are using a Android phone, then you need to check in both Android phone section or Smartphone sections. The newly launched LG Optimus phones are placed in Android phones subcategory and LG P705 or LG P765 etc are placed under smartphone section. Browse the sub category to find your Model number in the model number section.

LG PC Suite

LG PC Suite Download Page

5. Choose your mobile model number. You will a see a image of the device you have chosen. By viewing the image you can confirm that you have selected the right model number.
6. Click on Go button.  You will be forwarded to the LG Mobile support page for your device.
7. Scroll down in the page till you find MANUALS & DOWNLOAD.
8. Just below this, you will find the list of available PC suites for LG Mobile of your selection.
9. Do note that, For some LG Mobiles Software Update  field and PC Sync shows up.  This means that OSP is not supported for the device.
10. Click on the Tab of your choice. For downloading LG Mobile Support Tool click on Software Update and to Download LG PC suite click on PC Sync.
11. Click on the Download button to start the download. Once downloaded, open executable file and install it. The size of the LG Mobile PC suite is close to 140MB.

System requirements for using the LG PC Suite

  • OS: Windows XP 32bit (Service pack 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • CPU: 1 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher
  • Graphics card: 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher and 32-bit color
  • Hard disc: Storage of 500 MB or higher (Additional space may be required for data)
  • Required software: LG United Mobile driver, Windows Media Player 10 or later

Features of LG PC Suite

  • Manage and play your media contents (music, movie, pictures) on your PC.
  • Send multimedia contents to your device.
  • Synchronizes data (schedules, contacts, bookmarks) in your device and PC.
  • Backup the applications in your device.
  • Update the software in your device.
  • Backup and restore the device.
  • Play multimedia contents of your PC from other device.

Note: LG Mobile Support Tool PC suite is useful majorly for updating your phone firmware from PC. You can do this directly from your phone using software update option inside settings if you have internet connection enabled on your device.

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