Import Contacts From Excel CSV To Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is a very useful tool for Samsung Mobiles to backup and restore contacts. It provides a options to import contacts from Excel CSV file and save it on the mobile phone and export  mobile contacts to CSV formats. This comes handy when you have contacts which are exported from other applications such as outlook or other mobile devices.
The other advantages of exporting contacts to CSV includes, removing duplicate contacts, aligning email address and other contact numbers in one contact etc. You can even correct or format the names easily using the excel formulas and then import back to your device. This way your easily clean and organise your contacts in your phone apart from having backup of all your contacts. Here is the quick step by step tutorial on how import contacts from CSV to Samsung Kies and exporting contacts from Kies to CSV.

Importing Contacts from Excel CSV file to Samsung Kies

Step 1: Start the Samsung Kies application in your PC.
Step 2: Click on the Contacts Tab which is present in the Left sidebar.
Step3: Click on the ‘Open Contact File’ Button.
Step 4:  In newly opened dialog box, choose the path where you have saved your Excel CSV file and click ‘Open’
Step 5:  A new box appears. In that you need to map the fields of CSV file according to the Samsung Kies filed list. In the left side it shows the headings of your CSV file and in the right you have the drop down list. In that select the appropriate field.

Import contacts to Samsung Kies

Import CSV file to Samsung Kies

Step 6: Click on OK to complete the import process.
Step 7: Connect your device to PC using the USB cable(Preferred. Though you can even connect through Bluetooth).
Step 8:  Click on ‘Transfer to Device’. All the contacts will be transferred to your new device.

Exporting Contacts from Samsung Kies to Excel CSV

Step 1: Connect your Device to Samsung Kies and Go to ‘Contacts’.
Step 2: Click on ‘Save to PC’.
Step3:  In the new Save As dialog box, write the file name as per your liking. Just below to it, you will find ‘Save as type’ field. There from the drop down list select CSV file(*.csv). Click Ok to complete the export of contacts to CSV file from Samsung Kies.

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