Horlicks Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet Bangalore

Indiblogger is one of the biggest and popular Indian blog network. It is known for giving an opportunity for bloggers of different niche to come together and share their experiences. Indiblogger meets is one of such initiative which allows many bloggers to gather in one place. So far, Indiblogger has completed more than 120 such events across India. On occasion of Mother’s day, IndiBlogger has arranged one more beautiful such event which is focussed on health. The meet is named as Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet. It is sponsored by Horlicks.

Horlicks  Immunity Blogger meet

Horlicks Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet event was held at Vivanta By Taj on 8th May 2016. The main agenda of the event was to spread the awareness about malnutrition and its implications on growth in children. In the event Horlicks team described on how new Horlicks helps in combating the malnutrition.

Jill Castle, registered dietitian/nutritionist and a childhood nutrition expert of America  presented statistics on how many childrens are suffering from malnutritions. She explained the implications of not taking adequate nutrients and micronutrients on Children. Also the presentation included the reasons for the malnutrition and different ways to overcome from the same. She also advised all the bloggers to spread the awareness on nutrients contents of vegetables and fruits along with benefits of them.

IndiBlogger Meet

Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet also had presentation on new Horlicks with 2x immuno nutrients. According to the company, new Horlicks contains 23 vital nutrients, including 100% RDA of 2X immuno-nutrients Vitamin D and Selenium, which help support child’s immunity or normal immune system.

Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet other activities included bloggers sharing their thoughts on mother day, Q&A session on  malnutrition and its impact, quiz and  bloggers group selfie with Jill Castle. In the end there was a nice dinner after which we are headed towards our homes.

Like always, todays IndiBlogger meet gave an opportunity to meet other bloggers and learn new things which motivates to write more. It also emphasized on how a blogger can help to spread awareness on social issues.

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