Xiaomi has a useful software called Mi PC suite for all its smartphone. It is bunch of applications which enhances the use of smartphones. Using this Mi PC suite, users can manage installed Apps, photos, videos, notes, music, messages and contacts. So here is the guide on how to download Xiaomi Mi PC suite For Windows. [...]

The smartphone market in the country has been primarily revolving around the budget segment in the range of INR 10000. This stands true as the normal Indian buyer would always prefer a handset that would give him a better value for the money that he is spending on the handset. Earlier it was easier to [...]

Indiblogger is one of the biggest and popular Indian blog network. It is known for giving an opportunity for bloggers of different niche to come together and share their experiences. Indiblogger meets is one of such initiative which allows many bloggers to gather in one place. So far, Indiblogger has completed more than 120 such [...]

Tata Tiago was launch in Indian market on 6th April 2016. The price range for this new Tata car is Rs.3.2 Lakhs to 5.84 Lakhs.  Here is the quick summary of Tata Tiago features in the form of FAQ . Tata Tiago Features and FAQ What are the different variants of Tata Tiago available? Tata [...]

Dengue  (pronounced DENgee) fever which is also referred as  “breakbone fever”. It is an acute mosquito borne  disease caused by any one of four closely related dengue viruses. It is a painful and dangerous disease. If untreated, it can be fatal. What are the causes of  Dengue Fever Dengue fever is transmitted by genus of mosquitoes [...]

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