Useful tips and tricks

My HP Probook 4540s running on Windows 8 started showing a problem of automatic screen rotation. Though there is a simple fix of pressing Ctrl+alt+arrow key which rotates the screen what ever direction we need.  But it became more often to rotate by itself. Automatic screen rotation in Windows 8 is a common issue to [...]

I already posted some of the tips and tricks of Lumia 620 in my earlier post. This is the continuation of that. I am used these tricks on my Lumia 620 but these tips should work on Lumia 920, Lumia 820, Lumia 720 as well as on Lumia 520. Let us start. Tips and Tricks [...]

AirDroid is an application for Smartphones which enables users to manage Android phones from PC wireslessly. It works on all the platforms such as windows, Mac or a Linux system as it requires only a web browser to manage from the system. For using AirDroid application, both PC as well as the Android phone should be [...]

Connecting and syncing the contents of a smartphone with PC is useful for back the data on the phone.  We have seen different PC suites for Android smartphones such as Samsung Kies. For connecting Windows Smartphone to PC, you need to have a Zune software if your system is running Windows 7 or earlier. For [...]

As we know, Samsung smartphones or tablets can be accessed from PC through Samsung Kies Desktop Software by connecting the device to PC through USB cable.  Samsung Kies Air, is the app will help to connect Samsung mobile or tablet from PC without using any cables. Samsung Kies Air app allows to connect wirelessly  to Samsung smartphone [...]

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