Importing Contacts to Android phone

When you are upgrading the phone you might be thinking on how to import contacts to your new Android phone. There are several ways to do this. However easiest way is to sync with gmail and importing to your mobile. So below is the steps to import contacts into Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy pop, Samsung Galaxy fit, Samsung galaxy ace, Dell XCD35, LG optimus.
Steps to import contacts into Android phone:

  • Export your contacts from your old phone in csv format. This can be easily done  in PC suite of your phone.
  • Import your contacts in csv format to gmail contacts.
  • Connect your phone to internet and go to gmail and sign in to your account from your android device.
  • In gmail contacts, go to settings-> Display options->Select only contacts with phones then in google –> Manually select all groups and then synchronize.
  • Use your email apps to setup your office or school emails. Use exchange settings or imap to ensure read status of your mails are sync with your phone.
  • Install Gtask apps to synchronize your task with google tasks.

Importing contacts from Facebook or twitter:

  • Install the facebook and twitter apps to your phone.
  • In apps select to import the contacts. This will import pictures and other address data automatically into your phone.
  • Select the interval for synchronizing to 4 hours to avoid draining your Android device battery.
  • Facebook sync settings are available in Contacts–>Settings–> Accounts.

This will be useful if you are having duplicates in your contacts and if your looking to remove duplicates. Sync and backup will help when you lose contacts in any way. So always backup your contacts.

You can also import contacts from sim card directly. Depending on your model and android version changes. In Stock android, in contact, if you go to settings, there is option to import contacts from sim card. Select that. Contacts will be imported.

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