November 2011

Tata Nano a dream car of many people got upgraded.  In terms of technology Nano has done wonders. This small car is popularly known ₹1 Lakh car. This car holds many patents for its technologies.  Tata Nano 2012 many changes in its external ascetics and internal. In terms of technology and engine too some improvements done. Below is the [...]

Most of the HTC smartphones such as HTC Sensation, HTC explorer HTC Wildfire support tethering.  Tethering is sharing the the internet with capable other devices. There are two popular ways for tethering. That are WiFi tethering and USB tethering. WiFi tethering is sharing  internet with other Wi-Fi capable devices and USB tethering is sharing the internet [...]

Maxx mobiles is one of the fastest growing mobile manufacturer. Maxx mobiles has vast series of mobile phones starting basic phone, dual sim phone, Android smartphones and high end smartphone. To support and enhance the mobile experience Maxx mobiles released a MySync  PC suite to help the users to synchronize the contacts, calender, moving files between the [...]

Nokia has many handset models with different configuration and operating system. Depending on the version of the model, the Nokia suite version also changes. There is very useful table in Nokia site which will help you to figure out the exact version for your Nokia Mobiles. For Windows Mobile OS Based smartphones the suite is [...]

HTC PC suites is a collection of apps which is used to synchronize contacts, calenders and bookmarks of web browser between your HTC smartphone and PC. The PC Suites of HTC will also help you to connect your smartphone as modem to your PC to access internet from your PC. The HTC PC Suite is [...]

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