Tethering of Android Devices

Android Froyo and later versions support Tethering of the devices. Tethering is nothing but using your cellphone or internet enabled mobile device as a modem for another device such as PC, Notebook or PDA.  Tethering can be done with most of the Android smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy note etc.

Steps to use USB tethering: Sharing the data connection of mobile devices through USB
If you are using Windows 7 or recent versions of linux such as Ubuntu there is no need to install any thing on your PC to do tethering. However if you are using Windows XP or older versions of Linux then you need to prepare your system to do tethering. First let us start with tethering with Windows XP.

  1. Download the configuration file tetherxp.inf to your Windows XP PC from here
  2. Connect your Android smartphone to PC through USB cable.
  3. On Android phone, go to Home->Menu->settings.
  4. Open Wireless&network then select Tethering & Portable hotspot 
  5. Check USB tethering
  6. In Windows XP PC new hardware Wizard opens as soon as you enable USB tethering on your cellphone. Chose ‘No, not at this time’ and Click ‘Next‘ 
  7. Select Install from a list or specific location and click Next.
  8. Using Browse option select the file tetherxp.inf which you have downloaded in step1.
  9. After Windows XP finishes installing the software for Android USB Ethernet/RNDIS, click Finish.
  10. Now you can use data connection of your smartphone or mobile device from you Windows XP device.
For Windows 7 or equivalent OS follow only step 2 to step 5 as there is no need to configure or install drivers.
Bluetooth Tethering:
Steps to sharing data connection of mobile device to PC through Bluetooth.
  • Pair your Phone with your computer.
  • Configure your computer to obtain its network connection via Bluetooth. 
  • On your cellphone Open the Settings from Menu. 
  • Open Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot.
  • Check Bluetooth tethering.
Using Android Smartphone as WiFi Hotspot:
  • On phone. go to Menu-> Settings
  • Select Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot.
  • Check Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Uncheck Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to stop sharing your data connection via Wi-Fi.

Steps to Follow to secure mobile WiFi Hotspot:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Touch Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot.
  • Ensure Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is checked.
  • Touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.
  • Touch Configure Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • In the configuration, you can change SSID, configure the network with Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) security, with a preshared key (PSK).
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