Connecting Windows Phone 8 Smartphones to PC with Windows 8

Connecting and syncing the contents of a smartphone with PC is useful for back the data on the phone.  We have seen different PC suites for Android smartphones such as Samsung Kies. For connecting Windows Smartphone to PC, you need to have a Zune software if your system is running Windows 7 or earlier. For windows 8 you will get a app which works as a PC suite for Windows Smartphones such as Nokia Lumia 920,820, HTC 8S, HTC 8X etc. This method is tested with Lumia 920 to connect and sync with PC. However, this method works good for all the Windows Phone 8 based smartphones and if you have a Windows 8 based PC. This version of Windows is great and works well, however if you do fancy an upgrade then you can check out Windows 10 Start Screen, which may be more suited to the needs of your device.

Connecting Windows Phone 8 based to Smartphone to Windows 8 PC

  • Download the “Windows Phone app for desktop” by clicking here. Install it on the PC
  • Connect your device to the PC using the USB cable comes with the phone
  • Once you have connected your Windows phone to PC, the app automatically launches. If not, then launch the “Windows Phone app for desktop” App.
  • When you connect your device for the first time, Windows shows a message asking, whether you are interested to participate in WP app improvement program. It is your choice. Select your choice and move ahead to next step
  • Now you get a screen asking the Name for your device. You can either keep the default or you can enter your choice name. Also there is a checkbox through which you can set automatic imports of photos as soon as you connect your device to PC. If you are interested, you can select it and click ‘All done’ button
  • In the app main screen, you will find installed apps on your phone. You can even download and install the apps for your phone from the store.

Transferring files using the Windows File Explorer: The above mentioned method you can install apps on phone. This method will only transfer files between your phone and the PC. Just go to My Computer-> select the device and the choose the directory which you want to copy or paste the file.

Syncing Contacts between Windows Phones with PC: You can sync your contacts using the Microsoft Account or even you can add your google account to sync. Once you have added your google account you can import all the contacts from Google to your PC or vice versa.
Hope this helps you to connect your Windows Phone 8 Smartphones to PC running on Windows 8. If you need any help or if you face any difficulties following this, please share it in the comment section.
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