Nokia Lumia 620 Useful Tips and Tricks and Features

Nokia Lumia 620 is the mid range Windows Phone 8 running smartphone. It has got powerful Dual core processor with 512MB RAM. It also sports 5 MP primary camera with LED flash and front facing camera as well. These all features makes Nokia Lumia 620 a worth buy option in the price segment it falls to. You can read more on Nokia Lumia 620 Review.
Nokia Lumia 620 comes with lot of features which very useful on day to day life. Some features are of Windows Phone 8 and some some are dedicated Nokia apps features. So let us have a quick look into the useful features of Nokia Lumia 620.

Nokia Lumia 620 Tips and Tricks

Here are the quick tips for Nokia Lumia which will help you on day to day usage.

Sharing files between devices without Using Cables

Though Lumia 620 is budget phone, it houses NFC(Near Field Communication)  Using this technology you can transfer data such as contact details, photos etc between two NFC enabled devices.  To enable and start sharing you need to go to ‘settings’  there you find Tap+Send.  Enable this and also you need to enable the Bluetooth which is also available under Setting tab. Now, the device ask you to put together to pair up.  The devices between you want to transfer, hold them close until you hear a sound.  Now what ever you want to transfer, press ‘…’in the bottom right corner, then select Share, then Tap+Send. Then touch the device together to complete the transfer.

Using Lumia 620 as Modem to Connect From PC/Laptop


Tethering is feature through which you can use your smartphone as a modem to connect to internet from other devices such as PC, Laptop, Tablet etc. Earlier version of Windows phone 8 were not supported this feature out of the box. But the latest version of Windows OS supports this feature. In Windows Phone, this feature is called as Internet Sharing. You can find this option in settings.  Using this feature you can share your mobile internet service with 8 WiFi enabled devices. However connecting 8 devices will slow down the speed.

Lumia 620 as modem

How configure Tethering or Internet Sharing in Lumia 620


First turn on Internet sharing feature which is seen in the settings. Then select Setup. Chose your Broadcast name which is the name to your network for identifying on other devices. Enter the password to join the network. It is advisable to give complex password to protect your internet sharing network from guests.
Now other devices which are enabled with WiFi will detect the network name which you have choose in Broadcast name and entering the password will enable them to use the internet using your Lumia 620 data plan.

Hiding The Caller ID

The Lumia 620 provides features to hide your number.  To do this, go to your caller history and press the ‘..’ in the bottom right corner. Then select Settings, there ‘Show my caller ID to’ , and select ‘no one’.

Accessing All emails in one place


If you want to add your multiple email accounts, then this is the one feature for you.  Go into your email accounts then press ‘..’ bottom. Chose select Link Inboxes and select the other inboxes you want to merge.
If you want to separate the new linked inbox, you can press ‘..’ while viewing your emails and then select the Unlink option. Here you can even adjust inbox names if you if you wish to do so.

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