November 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is the third iteration of the popular Ace series smartphone from the Samsung. The Galaxy Ace series are well known for the thier budget friendly price and good performance. So good the new Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 performs compared to the previous models such as Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Ace 2?. [...]

Samsung has officially launched the new Galaxy smartphone which is successor to Galaxy Grand. There are many improvement has been done compared to its predecessor. The main visible is the design which resembles very much like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a stitching pattern around the faux leather back.. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos price [...]

Nokia has released a OTA(over the air) update to its Asha series mobile phone. The update brings in lot of improvements interms of performance and user interface. The support for Whatsapp  and Voip also included along with this new software update. Once you complete the Nokia Asha firmware update, you can install Whatsapp and start [...]

Taking a screen shot or a print on screen on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is very easy. You can take screenshot by four method. All these are inbuilt features of Galaxy Note 3. So you might be thinking what is the purpose of taking the screenshot on a smartphone? The reason is simple, you can [...]

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung has release newer version of its PC Suite called Samsung Kies 3.0. Samsung Kies 3.0 is compatible with the smartphones running on Android 4.3 or Later versions. One can download both previous versions of PC suite such as Kies 2.6 and Kies 3.0 in one system [...]

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