How to Take Screenshot on Moto G

Moto G is one of the smartphone which brought good specification smartphone at affordable price. Even the recently release new Moto G 2014 too available at affordable price with decent specification. This made many feature phone use to Android smartphone users. There are situations which requires us to take screenshot of the screen. For example you want to share the high score of a game or error page or you want to receipt of payment etc. In Windows Desktop or Laptop, we have print screen button to take screenshot. But how to take screenshot on Motorola Moto G?

How to Take screenshot on Moto G and Moto G2

Moto G 2014 is a upgraded version. But it has many features same as the original model. In that, taking screenshot also one of them. Taking screenshot on any Android smartphone is very easy. It comes with built in function. This device runs on almost stock Android. So the standard method works on this device. Taking screenshot on Moto G 1st Gen and 2nd Gen are identical. Newer version of Moto G is coming soon.

  • Go to the screen on which you want to take the screenshot.
  • Now press and hold Volume Down and Power button simultaneously.
  • You will hear a shutter sound and screen flicker which confirms that, screenshot is taken.
The Taken screenshot on Moto G will be saved in Gallery>screenshot folder. Do still need more help? Then refer to the video.

How to take screenshot on Moto G.

This video guide will demonstrate on how to take screenshot on Moto G and Moto G2 models. The same methods works on all Motorola smartphones.

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