Samsung Galaxy J5- How to insert SIM card and microSD card

Samsung Galaxy J5 is a dual sim midrange Android smartphone. It does accepts two micro sim cards and microSD card upto 128GB. In this Samsung Galaxy J5 tutorial, we will learn how to insert sim cards and microSD card.

Good thing about the device is both sim cards are 4G enabled. Also we have dedicated mciroSD card slot. Hence we can use two sim cards and microSD card simultaneously.

How to insert SIM cards and microSD card into Samsung Galaxy J5

  • First you need to remove the back cover. For that hold device such away that back of the device is facing towards you. Then find the indent which is placed top left side(Actually, right side of the device. As you are holding the device backside towards you, this will be on your left side ). Using the indent remove the back cover.
  • Then you need to remove the battery.
  • The sim 1 and microSD card sits in the same location. The lower compartment holds the sim card and upper compartment holds microSD.
  • Other slot is for 2nd SIM card.
  • Put back the battery and back cover.

Video demonstration on How to insert sim card and microSD card into Samsung Galaxy J5

How to set default sim card for voice and data services

By default, Samsung Galaxy J5 uses SIM 1 for voice and data services. You can change this by following the steps given below.

  • Go to “Settings”-> “SIM card manager”.
  • Now under Preferred SIM card, tap on to Voice call.
  • You have three options to choose from. 1. Ask Always, 2. SIM 1, 3. SIM2.
  • Select the one which you prefer.
  • Then tap on to “Data service network”.
  • Here you will have the option to choose between SIM1 and SIM2.
  • Choose the one which you prefer.


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