Download Xiaomi Mi PC suite For Windows

Xiaomi has a useful software called Mi PC suite for all its smartphone. It is bunch of applications which enhances the use of smartphones. Using this Mi PC suite, users can manage installed Apps, photos, videos, notes, music, messages and contacts. So here is the guide on how to download Xiaomi Mi PC suite For Windows.

Xiaomi Mi PC suite for Windows

How to download Xiaomi Mi PC suite For Windows

The official english version of Mi PC suite has around 40.1 MB in size. It gets regular updates and it got recently updated on 11th March 2016. You can download the latest Xiaomi Mi PC suite for windows from here.

Features of Xiaomi Mi PC suite

Reverse tethering

This is a very useful feature of Mi PC suite. Using this feature you can access internet via PC network. In other words, if you have the Mi PC suite, you can share your PC internet to Xiaomi smartphones such as Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3, Mi 5 etc.

Backup and restore:

Xiaomi MI PC suite offers backup and restore functionality. Using the backup interface, you can take backups and even manage the previously taken backups.

Software update:

Most of the updates which Xiaomi gets are huge in size. So, it will easier to download and install updates using the PC suite of Xiaomi.

File Explorer:

There is a file explorer interface which helps you to transfer files between your Xiaomi smartphone to  PC or vice versa.

Manage Apps:

Using Mi PC suite for Windows, you can install or uninstall apps from the Xiaomi smartphones.

Import and Export Photos and Videos:

This is another feature which helps to import or export media files from your Xiaomi smartphone to the PC or vice versa. You can play directly the media files from the PC.

Apart from above mentioned features, Xiaomi Mi PC suite also has features like ROM flashing. Screenshot and Screencast functions etc.

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