How to take screenshot in Galaxy M10

Taking a screenshot on a smartphone is incredibly popular. It may be for sharing a screen of your high score or want to share the funny message thread. Taking screenshot of whatever is on the screen is very useful. In Samsung Galaxy M10, there are multiple ways to grab a screenshot. In this post, we will cover 2 different methods to show you how to take screenshot in Galaxy M10.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Here is the two different methods to capture screenshot on Galaxy M10.

  1. Take a screenshot in Galaxy M10 using hardware button.

    On a screen, on which you want to take screenshot, press and hold Volume down and power button simultaneously. Screenshot will be captured. Taken screenshot can be accessed from Gallery.

  2. Take a screenshot in Galaxy M10 using Assistive Menu.

    This is a little easier method. To follow this method, you have to enable Assistive menu first.
    1. Go to Settings->Accessibility ->Dexterity and interaction.
    2. Enable the Assistant Menu.
    Now, to take a screenshot on Galaxy M10 screen, tap on the assistant menu. Browse the page and tap on screenshot. Screenshot will be captured.

Screenshot Easy is a third party app. It is free to download. You can use the app to take screenshot in Galaxy M10 as well.

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